Our Technology

The INdermal team has more than 20 years of experience in the design, development and production of nanobiotechnology systems, mainly based on nanovesicles, for the encapsulation and release of compounds. Our technology has been successfully applied in many fields such as research for new disease treatments, the development of nutraceuticals or functional foods and the development of cosmetic, cosmeceutical and dermocosmetic products. Due to our knowledge and experience we have developed an innovative system based on highly effective liposomes  with a great capacity of encapsulation, vehiculation and dermal release of the encapsulated actives. Our differential point is based on our formulation and preparation methods that give our liposomes unique characteristics for dermal transport and release. In addition, our liposomes release the encapsulated active in the target layers while, due to their biomimetic composition, they regenerate the protective barrier of the skin while hydrating it and preventing the loss of transcutaneous water.


  • Protection of the encapsulated compound: Once the active is encapsulated inside the liposomes, it is protected from degradations, oxidations and solar radiation. This protection causes the active to be in optimum conditions once released in the target layer and, therefore, the efficiency of the final product is increased.
  • Controlled size between 150-300 nm: The production process is optimized to obtain liposomes with a narrow size distribution with values ​​between 150 and 300 nm. Due to the size, this product is labeled as “nano-free” but, in turn, the liposomes are reduced in size to increase the carrying capacity and release at the target layers.
  •  Innovative formulation: Our formulation contains compounds that make the liposomes acquire certain properties, such as: high deformation capacity, specific surface charge, ability to increase the transport of active substances due to, among others, the presence of unsaturated phospholipids with a transition temperature close to body temperature, which means that its state is  crystalline liquid, thus fluidizing the stratum corneum and increasing the vehiculation, etc. These innovative features make liposomes up to 10 times more effective than classic liposomes.
  • Biomimetic composition: The formulation of liposomes is based on phospholipids and other compounds that have a great similarity with the lipids that make up the different strata of the skin. One of the major components of our liposomes are the unsaturated phospholipids, which are also found in the membranes of epidermal cells. Once the liposomes are degraded inside the skin, its composition contributes to the regeneration of the skin and its hydration.
  • Hydration: Liposomes are systems capable of increasing skin hydration, since their composition is closely related to the intercorneocitar lipids responsible for the hydric state of the skin.
  • Stability: The liposomes developed by INdermal have physico-chemical characteristics (composition, addition of natural stabilizers, morphology, size, Z-potential, lamellarity, etc.) that make their stability very high and maintain their properties for several months.
  • Skin barrier regeneration: It has been shown that liposomes are capable of repairing skin with damage in the lipid barrier, thus recovering the protective barrier of the skin.
  • Intelligent Release System: Depending on the active encapsulated in the liposomes and the target layer where it has to be released, slight modifications are introduced in both the formulation and the physical characteristics of the liposome to optimize the transport and release of the compound in the target layer , making the efficiency of the product increase considerably.


Our experience allows us to design, develop and produce high quality release systems, which are characterized by the use of the most advanced technology. The parameters that are analyzed in our laboratories are the size of the liposome, its distribution, morphology, Z-potential, encapsulation efficiency, its concentration as well as various dermal release assays. These characterizations allow us to offer our customers high quality release systems.


The natural barrier of the skin 

The skin has a natural barrier called which consists of about 20 sub-layers of dead cells linked by epidermal lipids. The main function of this barrier is to prevent the dermal diffusion of molecules and to fix the hydration of the skin. The stratum corneum hinders the absorption of compounds so many  interesting cosmetic or dermo-pharmaceutical actives can not penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin and therefore the efficacy of these products drastically decreases.

Low effectiveness of cosmetic actives

In addition, many of these actives are sensitive or unstable and need to be protected against oxidation or degradation by various factors (compounds present in the same medium, light, etc.). The low efficacy of many cosmetic or dermo-pharmaceutical actives due to their low absorption and dermal diffusion and / or problems of instability or degradation necessitates the use of encapsulation and release systems which are capable of encapsulating the active of interest, protecting it from external factors, while transporting it to the deeper layers of the skin. The most known and studied release system are liposomes.


Liposomes are spherical vesicles formed by one or more lipid bilayers containing, as the major components, phospholipids. Because their structure contains a hydrophilic and a lipophilic part, they can encapsulate both hydrophilic and lipophilic compounds. In addition, because their composition is similar to the cell membranes, they are fully biocompatible and restore the protective barrier of the skin while maintaining hydration of the skin. Liposomes are known for their ability to encapsulate, vehiculate and deliver actives in the depper layers of the skin INdermal has developed new generation liposomes that allow to protect, to transport and to release the encapsulated actives in the target layers, offering benefits much superior to the conventional liposomes. If you want to know more about our technology, contact us!