EXO FDS azelaic fusion

Follicular Delivery Nanovesicles
with 2% Azelaic acid
and 0.50% Herbal extract






Up to A million times more concentration than natural exosome sources

150-300 nm


Biodegradable **

Very good skin
compatibility ***

* According to ISO 16128.

** According to OECD criteria. The biodegradability of this product is calculated from the accumulated biodegradability data of the individual constituents used in the manufacture of this product.

*** According to patch test



Skin care


exo fds delivery system

Exosomes, natural lipid vesicles facilitating cell commu-nication, are harnessed in cosmetics for their ability to modulate physiological processes, mimicking intercellular communication.

Biomimetic Exosomes combine ancient plant extracts rich in biocompounds with cutting-edge de-livery technology, marking a cosmetic revolution. Follicular Delivery bioexosomes transport active ingredients into the hair follicle.

Benefits encapsulation in Bioexosomes

Protects against degradation caused by pH or interaction

Delivery of the active ingredient to the interior of the hair follicle which optimises its access to the sebaceous gland

Non-invasive penetration and specific delivery

A million times more concentration than natural sources

Cellular affinity

Surface loaded proteins

Active encapsulated

Plant extracts, along with azelaic acid, offer a comprehen-sive solution for acne-prone skin. Azelaic acid regulates cell turnover, reducing acne formation and inflammation.

Cham-omile soothes irritation, sage calms swelling, and nasturtium stimulates collagen production for skin repair. Burdock de-toxifies, aiding in acne clearance. Together, these ingredients create a holistic approach to clearer, healthier skin.

active ingredients properties

Regulates cell turnover reducing acne and inflammation

Soothes irritation and redness

Possesses anti-inflammatory properties to calm swelling associated with acne breakouts

Stimulates collagen production for skin repair

Acts as a detoxifying agent

Protects the skin against free radicals and environmental damage

Proven efficacy ex vivo

+ Gel with 10% EXO FDS Azelaic Fusion

+ Human organotypic skin explant cultures

+ A total of 1.5×106 − 5×106 CFU of Cutibacterium acnes in was inoculated and kept for 48 hours

+ Application of the product on top 8 ± 2 µl/cm2 using a micropipette 

+ A quantitative measurement of C. acnes was determined by counting the number of grown Colony Forming Units (CFU) on plates after incubation to determine prevention and elimination function activity.

EXO FDS Azelaic Fusion, lowered significantly the amount of Cutibacterium acnes on ex vivo human skin explants compared to the untreated group after just 24 hours of application

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