Exosome-Like systems

Unlock the Power of Exosome-Like Technology

The exosome-like delivery nanovesicles are designed to mimic the structure and function of natural exosomes for targeted delivery of active agents.

Biomimetic Exosomes bring the best of both worlds together. They take advantage of nature wisdom by using plant extracts rich in biocompounds such as proteins and RNA that have been used since ancient times and that have solid scientific evidence backing up their activity at a cellular level.

Combining this with our latest technology and innovation in delivery systems and medical-grade manufacturing processes puts the Biomimetic Exosomes at the forefront of a cosmetic revolution.

Non-invasive penetration and specific delivery

Indermal Biomimetic Exosomes have been developed based on our vast expertise on liposome design.

Deliver your active specifically at the cosmetic target required without the need of any external mechanism, for example on the epidermis (DDS) or the follicle (FDS).

Unlike traditional exosomes that require mechanical penetration via puncture, our system penetrates the skin naturally, ensuring optimal and gradual delivery without discomfort or risk.

A million times more concentration

Natural exosomes can be found at concentrations as low as in the order of 108 exosomes/ml in serum or plasma. Indermal can produce Biomimetic Exosomes in high concentration (1014 exosomes/ml), a million times more concentrated than natural sources and so boosting their cosmetic performance.

Cellular affinity

This image proves that the exosome-like vesicles specifically target cells acting effectively as communicators like natural exosomes.

High encapsulation efficiency

With our medical background experience working with exosomes and other nanovehicles we are able to encapsulate active ingredients in the exosome-like system keeping our most demanding standards
of high entrapment and loading efficiency.

Plant inspired design

Indermal Biomimetic Exosomes are enriched with natural plant extracts which set them apart from other liposome systems showcasing the synergistic effects of their contents.

They also feature β-sitosterol a phytochemical compound serving as a vegetal equivalent to cholesterol. It improves the absorption and bioavailability of the Biomimetic Exosomes, promotes skin health and helps cell targeting.

Surfaced loaded proteins

Part of the proteins and peptides contained in the exosome-like formulations are located on the surface as in nature exosomes, being able to effectively execute their actions.

This can be tested with the Z-potential of the vesicle. The change in the surface Z-potential with or without the added proteins proves that some of them are located on the membrane of the vesicle.

Custom biomimetic exosome-like products

Choose your target layer

Choose one ore more plant extracts to base your exosome on (preferably ones with known proteomics and genomics to decrease variability of the productions)

Optional: choose a mix of actives or a single active ingredient like a peptide to enhance the activity of the exosome



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