Vegan DDS K1 Oxide

Deep Delivery Nanovesicles
with 3% Phytonadione Epoxide






Up to 15 times greater concentration than other

150-300 nm


Biodegradable **

Very good skin
compatibility ***

* According to ISO 16128.

** According to OECD criteria. The biodegradability of this product is calculated from the accumulated biodegradability data of the individual constituents used in the manufacture of this product.

*** According to patch test



Eye care

Vegan DDS Delivery System

DDS or Deep delivery system is composed of mainly phospholipids and membrane stabilizers.

It contains the right amount of penetration enhancers and edge activators that help the system reach the desired cells.

Benefits of the encapsulation Vegan DDS

Protects active against degradation

Maximum delivery of the active ingredient into the deep skin levels

Gradual delivery for longer lasting effect

Increases the bioavailability of the active ingredient

Avoids colour changes in the cosmetic product

Biomimetic nanovesicle with high moisturising and restorative action

Active encapsulated

Vitamin K1 Oxide, a derivative of Vitamin K1 found in dark green vegetables, plays a vital role in clotting factor synthesis and has decongestive properties, reducing erythema and irritations.

It blocks hemosiderin formation, making it effective for treating sore skin, couperosis, and general skin irritations.

Notably, it diminishes violet pigmentation in under eye circles and hematomas.

Additionally, with prolonged use, it exhibits a moderate anti aging effect, enhancing skin moisturization, elasticity, and texture.

active ingredients properties

Reduces the violet colouration of the under-eye circles Reduces skin irritations

Increases moisturisation and elasticity

Purifies the skin texture

Proven efficacy

Gel with 5% Vegan DDS K1 Oxide

Two female volunteers, ages 43 and 52

Each volunteer applied the product to the eye contour area with a gentle massage on clean, dry skin, without rinsing twice a day (morning and evening) during the 56 days of the study

Colorimetric image analysis, after repeated applications, measuring the difference between brightness/darkness using VisioFace® 1000D (Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH) and AEVA3D-HE2 (EOTECH), on the initial day (T0) and after 56 days (T56D) of product use

Photograph T0
Photograph T56
Photograph T0
Photograph T56

Sustained penetration

The sustainable and progressive delivery study over 24 h of the Vegan DDS system

Using a model analyte (ethyl ascorbic acid)

Human skin explants

Application of the sample containing ethyl ascorbic acid encapsulated into Vegan DDS liposomes

Epidermal concentration of the active at different times

Determined using HPLC-RC after extraction from the human epidermis

DDS by INdermal nanovesicles are ideal for the cosmetic application of active ingredients which require a progressive and sustained delivery over time in the epidermal layer

Targeted delivery

Fluorescent Vegan DDS liposomes with rhodamine-labelled phospholipids (18:1 PE CF) in the membrane of the liposomes can be seen in red.

The skin was dyed with DAPI, that stains cellular nuclei with an emission maximum at 461 nm in blue.

Specific release of the active ingredient into the epidermal layer of the skin

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