Vegan HDS Keradefence

Deep Delivery Nanovesicles
with 2% Zinc PCA






Up to 15 times greater concentration than other concentration than other

150-300 nm


Biodegradable **

Very good skin
compatibility ***

* According to ISO 16128.

** According to OECD criteria. The biodegradability of this product is calculated from the accumulated biodegradability data of the individual constituents used in the manufacture of this product.

*** According to patch test



Hair care

Vegan HDS Delivery System

HDS or Hair delivery system nanovesicles are formulated with cationic phospholipids which achieve an increased level of capillary adherence and a considerable resistance to rinsing and washing.

Benefits of the encapsulation Vegan HDS

Molecule protection against deterioration

Gradual delivery into the hair fibre

Increase in the bioactivity of the active ingredient

Cationic finishing system for greater adherence and resistance to washing

The ceramide and phospholipid content of the nanovesicle increases reparation and moisturisation effect

Active encapsulated

The damaging effects of UV radiation and environmental pollutants on keratin, lead to brittleness and dehydration.

The encapsulation preserves the antioxidant properties of the otherwise easily unstable antioxidants until released inside the hair fiber, combating free radicals causing keratin degradation.

Recommended for various cosmetic products, it is ideal for protecting hair in sun-exposed or polluted urban environments.

active ingredients properties

Maintains the integrity of the hair’s keratin structure

Prevents hair deterioration caused by exposure to UV radiation and pollution

Protects hair fiber from breakage and split ends

Reduces frizz and enables easier combing

Prevents hair dehydration

Protects hair from color loss caused by exposure to sunlight

Proven efficacy ex vivO

Gel with 5% Vegan HDS Keradefence vs gel with same concentration of free actives 30 caucasian hair segments of 1 cm lenght per studied condition

Negative control and treatment groups were damaged with urban particulate matters + UV (4 cicles of 6 h expo- sition)

Vegan HDS Keradefence

Measurement of keratin structural integrity by means of birefringence values

x3.14 more effective
than the same FREE ACTIVES in protection from UV and urban pollution

Sustained penetration

Aqueous gel with 5% Vegan HDS nanovesicles marked with 2-Dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine-N- (lissamine rhodamine B sulfonyl) (ammonium salt)

Locks of human Caucasian hair were used. One lock for each incubation time

The hair was incubated in the test product for 30 minutes and 120 minutes

Control sample of hair (untreated)
in fluorescence mode

30 minutes of incubation with Vegan HDS 5%

120 minutes of incubation with Vegan HDS 5%