Vegan HDS Panthenol

Deep Delivery Nanovesicles
with 3% Panthenol






Up to 15 times greater concentration than other

150-300 nm


Biodegradable **

Very good skin
compatibility ***

* According to ISO 16128.

** According to OECD criteria. The biodegradability of this product is calculated from the accumulated biodegradability data of the individual constituents used in the manufacture of this product.

*** According to patch test



Hair care

Vegan HDS Delivery System

HDS or Hair delivery system nanovesicles are formulated with cationic phospholipids which achieve an increased level of capillary adherence and a considerable resistance to rinsing and washing.

Benefits of the encapsulation Vegan HDS

Molecule protection against deterioration

Gradual delivery into the hair fibre

Increase in the bioactivity of the active ingredient

Cationic finishing system for greater adherence and resistance to washing

The ceramide and phospholipid content of the nanovesicle increases reparation and moisturisation effect

Active encapsulated

Panthenol, a precursor of Provitamin B5 Keratins, is a cru- cial ingredient for hair health.

It effectively moisturizes by enhancing moisture retention in the hair, preventing weak- ening of hair stems, and offering protection from environ- mental factors and heat.

Its emollient properties create a fine film on the hair’s surface, resulting in intense shine, smoothness, and improved grooming while combating frizz.

It is recognized for its soothing effect on the scalp, relieving irritation, itchiness, and providing a refreshing sensation.

active ingredients properties

Stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid

Acts as an antioxidant and cell regenerator

Minimises pore size and prevents hyperkeratinisation

Reduces signs of acne

Modulates the vascular endothelium growth factor

Sustained penetration

Aqueous gel with 5% Vegan HDS nanovesicles marked with 2-Dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine-N- (lissamine rhodamine B sulfonyl) (ammonium salt)

Locks of human Caucasian hair were used. One lock for each incubation time

The hair was incubated in the test product for 30 minutes and 120 minutes.

Control sample of hair (untreated)
in fluorescence mode

30 minutes of incubation with Vegan HDS 5%

120 minutes of incubation with Vegan HDS 5%